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Well I've had a bit of spare time last week so I decided to try something I've always wanted to do for my helmet. I know there's been a couple guys who attempted this but I don't believe anyone's done it quite the same way I have. I've always liked the way Riddell did up their mini helmets so I decide to try and mimic the look and throw a few of my own details in as well. The BIG difference between my interior and that of others is that my pieces are made from FOAM RUBBER and are totally flexable, you can squish it and it returns to its normal shape and you can paint the pieces however you like. I just finished casting a test piece to see how well its going to work and well obviosly I'm happy with it because I decided to show it off. It'll will be a week or two before I get the other pieces done since I'll have to order in some casting supplies.
Of coarse I took progress pics of my build up. I can post those as well if there is any interest in that.







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Will you offer them later ? How much would they cost. I also am toying around with this idea. Convert the inside of the Riddel helmet into the full sized one.

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Nice job. I like the rubber idea versus the resin way. Much softer plus you're not constantly worrying about breaking or chipping it. Kudos, Jordy.


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Cool Jordy!

I second the "how much" question - I am almost to that point with my bucket and those look better than anything I would have made.

Is there room to hide electornics/batteries behind them?



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Excellent. Foam - great idea. Won't hurt when you where the helmet. Progress pics please. Just wondering how you made(sculpted) them.
What a great idea! Looks awsome. I can't wait to see how they paint up. I wonder what kind of paint would work best for such a flexible material.

I smell an interest thread in the near future. Count me in!

Gonzo Fett

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:eek: I was just thinking about this the other day. I love the inside of those mini riddell helms. I can't wait to see more!!
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:love Cooool, i love the flexible idea and i second that they wont chip or break! Some serious talent you gots there dude :cheers

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