For Sale Full ROTJ Fett FS


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Hey everyone. I’m gauging interest in my full ROTJ Boba Fett. As of right now I WILL NOT BE PARTING OUT. If that changes I will updated this post.

I’ve listed all parts and pieces below along with a few pictures. I’m more than happy to send additional pictured to anyone who expresses interest. I’m 5,11 and 170lbs with a 10.5 shoe. The flight suit is a custom made one piece to my dimensions so no guarantees on the fit.

I only troop one or twice a year so the costume has little to no wear and tear. It mostly sits on my mannequin in my office which is in a non smoking home. I’d like to avoid international shipping for now so the sale is for US based shipping only.


Helmet: ASOK from The Dented Helmet (one of the last ones made)

Armor: Red Kryat Dragon from TDH

Braids (horsehair): Woodman from TDH

US Divers belt - Full Metal Fett from TDH

Jet pack (upgraded metal jetpack stabilizer and beacon w/ led): Man-O-War from TDH

Jet pack harness: Man-O-War from TDH

Fett Decals: Luckys31 from TDH

Chest display: Fettronics from TDH

Flight suit: Arkady from TDH

Ammo belt (leather): 99centtaco from TDH

Gauntlets: Wickedbeard (these are all metal with integrated electronics)

Girth belt: Sleepalot from TDH

Boots (metal toe spikes included, these are brand new, worn once): Man-O-War from TDH

Cape: Woodman from TDH

Gloves (small hole in right glove): BobaMaker (Daz) from TDH

Shin tools: Woodchuck

EE-3 (INCLUDED): Hyperfirm

Helmet & Armor painted by Zwflyboy from Makaze squad

I’m looking to get $4500 for everything. Thank you for looking.
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