For Sale FULL ESB/ROTJ COMMISSION/Suit for sale!

Darth Voorhees - Jetpack Kit


Selling a full ESB Suit commission or just the suit I currently have pictured if anyone is interested.

Looking to get 4000$, this is a steal at this price!
I can also do complete ROTJ for 3800$!!
I can also offer economic fett options starting at 2k upwards. Message me for details.

I will guarantee 501st Approval and if denied will work on any issues until it is approved with free return shipping for any errors on my part.
You can order your own flight suit from MOW or Arkady and I will weather it, otherwise I can supply one and dye it blue for you.
You are welcome to source any different parts should you not like the ones I supply and Ill gladly paint them

This will fit perfectly on someone who is 5'7-5'11, or I can paint up larger armor for you taller folks.

It will include, Rubber EE-3, Pulce, Holster all made by me.
FettPride Armor/Helmet painted by me as seen in the pictures.
-I also have available the following helmet options: ToEleven, UhBif, Master Replica or GMH
Your choice of FettPride, MOW or RKD Gauntlets
US Diver CO Belt buckle
Metal Shin Tools
Your Choice of cape(3 available), 2 MOW or WoodMan
Synthetic Wookie Braids
Mike M Gloves(either clean or weathered)
BatNinja Vest and neck seal
MOW Boots with Toe Spikes
MOW JetPack
BobaMaker Leather Belt
MOW Girth Belt
BigDane Jetpack Harness
BobaMaker Flight suit
Metal Studs
Fettronics LED Display

Underwear not included.

This suit I can have ready in less than a month, but if you'd like me to build a totally new Fett based on your needs/size I can have it done in less than 2 months.

Please message me with any inquiries or questions or feel free to comment on this post.

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Bump! Really would like another commission so I can pay off those lineage shoulders lol. 2 spots available for delivery in 2-3 months
Esb 3600
Rotj 3500
Darth Voorhees - Chin Cup