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Hey, I’m a filmmaker from the UK and I’m currently getting involved with a Star Wars fan film called “Bounty Hunter: A Star Wars Story” which follows a young Boba Fett trying to fill his father’s boots.
And I’m looking for costumes and guessed this would be the best place to look.
2 costume needed for the shoot would be an accurate hero costume and also a soft stunt costume.
So if anybody has any links to sellers, ideally within the UK that would be awesome! As well as a rough estimate of costs!
Thanks in advance!

Ps. You can follow me over at @mastersofcinema on Instagram to follow the production process of the fan film if that interests you!


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Which variant do your require ESB or ROTJ? I have a full ESB costume and am Uk based , tbh tho it mite be a good idea to contact Rob and Simon at RS Propmasters . Where are you based ?

Twmos Burrows

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Hey thanks for getting back to me! ESB would be preferred but not going to be too fussy about it. I’m based in Cardiff but I’m between London a lot too for work.


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I have a complete ROTJ costume for sale...I just listed it in the cargo's 100% complete and I live in the United States