FT\'s Assorted Armor Photos


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FT's Assorted Armor Photos

Here's a pic of JK's backplate painted, but not fully weathered.


I "tried" to pick up the added detail of heating the sintra and flairing it out over the JP harness holes. Man, you've got to love mustard! That stuff rocks as a mask. Makes me almost want to repaint everything...


I think my knees turned out very good. They probably could've used some more bondo filler in them, but I needed to get through with them.

I scratch-made the knee darts with steel spacers that I slipped over each other and JB Welded into place. My Stepdad tells everyone I'm a certified welder, JB Welder that is!

Comments and questions welcomed.
Great paint job. I tried mustard once and when i went back to take it off it was hard as a brick. So now i use liquid latex.
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I've found you have to get to it while the paint is still tacky. I've just been washing it off straight in the kitchen sink.

Also, don't let it dry in the sun! Makes it lots harder to remove too.
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