For Sale FS: ESB painted AE armor, shin tools, and partial gauntlets!

Lucksy31 - ESB Chest Decal


Hi I’m Bobert!
For sale as an entire lot. Read descriptions carefully. PM me for any questions!

1) Fully painted AE ESB armor. Painted by Rick Ponte. Never trooped in and only displayed. Some wear in areas where attachment occurs. Can't be seen when suited up. Includes metal knee darts and resin key board pieces. Painted stencils no decals.
2) Painted gauntlets. *PLEASE READ* The shells are fully painted. They will come included with MachineCraft copper metal rocket and metal darts. They will not come with switches, Eveready mini, flamethrower or whipcord housing.
3) Painted Paterson shin tools. Will need two stylus brushes from MachineCraft to complete set.

$1400 shipped for best offer. See pictures attached.
0A74F1C7-A850-4DFC-8336-32BB21442E64.jpeg 0C0FEAB2-4F7B-4BF9-9A0F-46EE934AE67E.jpeg 3FBF6553-DF66-41C0-B2FB-8D1E9495252A.jpeg BCEBC2EF-E6C5-45DF-A7A9-77C3311829F8.jpeg C7FD800B-C955-41B3-A8E5-46A8B9524AF0.jpeg 6DC17122-919D-4C7B-A1A5-E105A8BAD652.jpeg
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