FS: Accurate ESB helmet Stencils and Letraset

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Hi All,
As some of you who know me already know, I make and sell decals for Boba Fett other Star wars related costumes etc .
Up until recently I was selling directly to prop builders but after spending a lot of time analyzing all the screen shots /images that are available and sourcing a maker of high quality dry transfer decals , I am now at a point that I can offer both Ear cap stencils and ear cap decals FETTRASET.

Free shipping will be offered for both UK and US orders for The Dented Helmet Members
Prices will be listed in both Dollars and Pounds , the prices may vary but at the time of writing this post the exchange rate dictated the prices.

Please PM me with any questions or custom orders.
Paypal only

Please add your screen name / Address / Desired decal / set / sets

ESB Helmet Ear cap stencils.jpg
$5.50 / £5

$15 / £12.50

Buy both for $19 / £15.50

Mike M.

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