FOUND PART!!! Left gauntlet dental expander

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Originally posted by TK1028:

Has anyone seen this thing on a screen used prop or costume?

I asked a million companies for expansion screws, hoping to get one of the kinds that was used on the Fett left Gaunt,

but they sent me the Spring Tension piece because that was all this one company had.

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Originally posted by Braks Buddy:

I finally got in my real expansion screw as well as the cast copy!!! First let me say that this piece is TINY!!! I never realized just how small it was until I held it in my hand! Anyway, the cast is resin and in my opinion looks very good for a piece so small. Unfortunately the wrong side of the expander was cast so it looks like a mirror image of what is seen on the real suit. I am working with the person who cast it to see if we can't resolve this. Hopefully, these will be offered soon, but as I have mentioned before they will NOT be through me. I am only having mine cast so you guys will have the opportunity to have one. Here are pics of the cast as well as my original.


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Originally posted by TK1028:

NICE! No air bubbles, nice. Resin?

I think that by the time it's painted, it will look fine.

Can you show a pic of the back of the resin one so that we can see how it will mount against a gauntlet?

Chris Skidmore
"I'm just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe"
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Dental Expander Details

Originally posted by Braks Buddy:

I have had quite a few people ask for the dimensions as well as other details concerning my Expansion Screw. Here are the details and a better scanned pic.

The Expansion Screw was manufactured by:
Glenross Ltd.
22 Foley Street
London, W. 1

Expansion Screw had Patents Pending at the time it was manufactured. The Patent Registeration No. is 860918.

This is considered a LARGE (Old style) expansion screw.

The dimensions are a follows.
Overall Height: 0.495"
Width of Main Body (closed position): 0.348"
Overall Width (closed position): 0.615"
I think Australian dentists were trained in england 'til the '70's,so most older Aussie dentists have the old Glenross.....I'm sure they don't use them much anymore,so I'll be scouting a few more.
If i can get 4-5,I'll make a multi-mold,and chop a few of 'em out.
This hasn't been hit for a while, but does anyone know of a similar part or modern counterpart that is pretty close? I have searched through dental expander pieces and such, and believe it or not NEW piece are hard to find good reference of. Also, is anyone offering casts of a REAL glenross expansion screw?

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