Boushh For Mrs Captain Awesome! WIP

Discussion in 'Original Trilogy Bounty Hunters' started by terminal fettler, Dec 11, 2014.

  1. terminal fettler

    terminal fettler Active Member

    Here's the basic helmet, trimming the visor areas first. This is a really nice kit, my first attempt at a Boushh...


  2. Darth Voorhees

    Darth Voorhees Well-Known Member

    oooh man..half my followed threads are your paintups lol....adding yet another! :D
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  3. 22ssplt

    22ssplt Active Member

    She's gonna be so excited G Max

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  4. terminal fettler

    terminal fettler Active Member

    Glad to have you on board!
  5. terminal fettler

    terminal fettler Active Member

    So here is the 'ready to paint' helmet. After studying the detailed reference photos, I picked up on a couple of small areas I wanted to change. So, I have added an extra piece of flat styrene under the ear greeblies and reworked the ears to have a solid base. I also added a couple of small missing details to the ears. All the greeblies (except the forehead part) have been drilled and tapped so they are attached with Fett style M4 brass screws, making assembly and painting much easier. Finally I have machined in the physical damage, and primed the main helmet ready for paint. Next step is a series of colour test strips to nail the colours, layering and weathering used on this helmet. The leather will be on its way shortly so I'll have to figure out that part later...







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  6. 22ssplt

    22ssplt Active Member

    Absolutely flawless!
  7. Darth Voorhees

    Darth Voorhees Well-Known Member

    awesome! already loving it and you didnt even lay color down yet lol. Is that a Todd helmet? It looks like one, one of the best ones out there currently.
  8. Jayvee

    Jayvee Member

    Let me know if you have any trouble with the leather G... Think I've still got enough left over from when I painted my Bouush a few years back to do another snout.. While my paint up certainly wasn't perfect back then, I was able to nail down a few often missed details and put them in a thread around here somewhere if you need any ideas... But I have no doubt that your paint job will be second to none my friend :)
  9. terminal fettler

    terminal fettler Active Member

    Hi Mate, thanks for that, I have the leather but not sure if it's going to stretch to the two helmets I'm painting (only doing one at the moment) so I may take you up on the offer. I've seen your thread, great paint job, did you ever post the paints you used? It would be great to know your colour list...
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  10. terminal fettler

    terminal fettler Active Member

    Can't believe its nearly 7 months since my last post, sorry Dave ( and Mrs Dave!) So ,I have liquid masked the bright silver damage and shaded with a dark grey, next I will liquid mask the shaded silver damage before the first brown layer goes on...



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  11. 22ssplt

    22ssplt Active Member

    Dude!!! So epic!!! Really love the shading buddy!

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  12. terminal fettler

    terminal fettler Active Member

    So here is the helmet with the first brown layer airbrushed on and once dried, gently buffed out with 0000 wire wool. This smoothes out the painted surface and softens details where they need it. All the liquid mask has been removed at this stage, not ideal but I need to follow the reference pictures closely so it's essential...




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  13. xanthis02

    xanthis02 Jr Member

    Nice progress waiting to see more
  14. Major

    Major Active Member

    Looking amazing.....
  15. LenexEcko

    LenexEcko New Member

    Great work. It already looks amazing.
  16. Katsohjn

    Katsohjn New Member

    Very nice! Wish I would have caught this sooner when you were correcting the greeblies as I had identified some of the parts used on the ears. For the rest I just designed and 3D printed them.
    Boushh REG WIP.JPG

    Jayvee, did you get your leather from a local store or online?
  17. terminal fettler

    terminal fettler Active Member

    Good job on those...
  18. Katsohjn

    Katsohjn New Member

    Um thanks?
  19. 22ssplt

    22ssplt Active Member

    Mm I can't wait ! So much awesomeness
  20. TheZeroEffect

    TheZeroEffect Member

    wow beautiful paint up and detailing! (y)
  21. Jayvee

    Jayvee Member

    Hi mate - I picked up my orange/tan leather from an upholsterer friend of mine ages ago when I did mine. Actually had a really good amount in the right colour in his scrap pile, so he actually gave it to me for free. Weathered up, it seems to suit perfectly..
  22. terminal fettler

    terminal fettler Active Member

    Finally got the last brown layer airbrushed on. On top of this layer I have added two darker grey/ brown weathering layers, the latter by adding a few drops of black, then set too adding all the fine scratches. Next stage is to add the symbols and tape details, then attach the greeblies and airbrush the silvers and greys of the final weathering. Then its visors, leather work and light kit!







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  23. 22ssplt

    22ssplt Active Member

    Well that's officially one of the greatest things I've seen!

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  24. haujohn

    haujohn Jr Member

    That is looking great!
  25. Barcode

    Barcode Jr Member

    This looks amazing!

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