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Received my set in the mail today and have to say, they really are a nice piece. They are soft yet dense enough to keep shape. The color on them is also very nice. A good warn look with a antique style. Can’t really say enough good things. Great work WhiteShaddow!


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How is the comfort for trooping? Do they accommodate fans?
They're as comfortable as any foam padding you might install. Electronics such as cooling fans, voice amps, or rangefinder servos usually are accommodated by removing a small section of foam here and there. It really depends on what you're putting in, how it's laid out, how big your noggin is, and which helmet you're working with.
But the simple answer to your question is yes.


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Gentlemen, I received this foam insert today and it is hands down one of the top five products I have ever received in my 19 years of prop building and collecting. From the wrapping to the actual produced piece, I could not have been more satisfied than I was with this creation. At first, I thought that the price point may have been a little high, but I was wrong. This piece is worth every penny and then some. Whiteshadow's commitment to providing a top tier work of art is evident in even the packaging he shipped it in. Well done good sir, I look forward to other creations you may produce in the future!

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Excuse my ignorance but why would someone choose a specific kit over the other? Personal preference? Or are these styles used for different Fett builds?

I'm just getting back in to working on my Fett and this is the first I've seen interior foam like this. It looks awesome. Are there any slots still available? Looked like not from the first post but I'd definitely get one of these.


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It's just a style choice. Neither is tied to a specific helmet or build. The V1 kit was based off the Boba Fett mini helmet put out by Riddell back in 1997.
The V2 kit is a redesign I did last year for my personal bucket.
Both are still available.

Got my foam liner and it's beautiful. I actually thought it was going to come unpainted and was pleasantly surprised to find it 100% ready to go. Thanks so much!
Lucksy31 - ESB JetPack Decal