Flo-Quil vs. Krylon gauntlet paint shoot out!


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Mr Fett was in town this weekend and we were testing out my airbrush on his gauntlets. We used the Flo-Quil colors as found on the board. They look great so far! There are some light spots but I'm still very much a novice when it comes to the airbrush.

In any event, we decided to compare the Flo-Quil color with my old school Krylon Satin Burgundy painted gauntlets. The result is here.


Surprisingly, the Krylon paint is really close! It is definately a decent alternative for Fetters that are on a budget or don't have access to a air brush or just plain can't find the Flo-Quil stuff.

and yes those are some old school gauntlets we both have there. hehe
Yep, once he airbrushed mine with the Rogue Studios Floquil Wisconsin Central Maroon, we took them inside to dry. I pulled out Goat's gauntlets and to our surprise they were almost identical in color!!!! He used the Krylon Burgandy Satin spraypaint as recommended "back in the day" by DeanO. They really are almost the exact same shade of red in person. Crazy!

Of course mine will look different once the weathering is applied, but the base red of both is really close!
I have to agree. The colors are very close. I painted my gauntlets with the Krylon Satin Burg. and while wet, misted with an automotive rust primer. Once I got my Flo-quil in, I used it to do a little touch up here and there and the colors are surprisingly close!
I finally got around to working on these and the jet pack this week. I just tried RS' method of the auto glass cleaner and black acrylic paint brushed onto the gauntlets, and it didn't work right for me, so I went back to my tried and true method of dry graphite lube and Testors Dullcote for the final dirtying.

The only thing left now is the dirtying of the jet pack, reattaching the light post, and I'll be good for an event tomorrow.

(I didn't repaint the missile yet. That's another project. :lol: )
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