For Sale FLASH SALE ON HELMETS!!!Huge price reduction!(MinuteFett sales)


I am still finishing up two ESB helmets(FPH2 and a Toeleven) and one Animefan Jango, please DM me if you're interested in any helmet commissions/paintups. Current wait times are less than two week turnarounds.

NOTE: These are done mainly in layered paint jobs with some minor topical painting.
I also forgot to remove some of the masking fluid from the key slots, meaning that there is silver damage on there. My apologies!

Feel Free to send offers!!

1. UhBif ROTJ 630$ shipped
I really like this one, made of hard plastic that I have reinforced with a thin coat of fiberglass resin. Has magnetic ear cap and magnetic rangefindertopper/LED electronics. All you need to do is plug in a battery. Has an MQ1 that it glued in(forgot to put it on before I took the pictures my bad! This helmet is also on the smaller side comparable to the GMH.

2. Dark Fett ROTJ 700$ shipped
Theres a reason this one is a bit pricey, not only is it the first known of its kind, its a unique representation of the ROTJ Scheme.
I think this one looks insanely badass. If you've seen my other work with the DARK ESB then you know how badass these dudes look in a dark side style. Also wanting to do a full dark side Fett commission if you're interested!

3. UhBif ESB Fiberglass helmet 650$
-Took these pictures before the weathering since the sun was going down.
-Working LEDS, all it needs is a small battery, aluminum stalk, correct tinted green visor.

Previously Sold:
ToEleven ROTJ 850$ SOLD

Animefan CC Jango Helmet 500$ SOLD
PP2 GMH. 500$ SOLD
Slushcast GMH
Painted in a layered method!

Darth Fett ESB/ToEleven V2: SOLD 850$
ToEleven V2 SOLD


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