Flack vest/neck seal shiney or dull???


Its now time to get the neck seal and the flack vest, in not sure of the shiny/dull combo which is correct for the ROTJ suit so I'm asking you good people for advive, what combos are people using?

Mike M.

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Personally, i'm in the dull vest, shiny neck camp, but there are compelling arguments for shiny/shiny


I went dull vest, shiny neck. The vest does seem to be a lot less shiny compared to the neck, at least on ESB, although that could be down to heavier weathering. It's just personal preference really since either combination will get you cleared.


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Shiny/shiny. I went dull vest and shiny neck seal and have regretted it since day one. I'm remedying that now...


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where did you source the fabric/material from ?
I looked through absolutely loads of different samples to get what I felt was the right level of shine and fabric weight. I went with a lightly satinised cotton.

The flight suit is a Bobamaker that I am altering. It isn't quite perfect but the areas of it that fall short are, and I shudder to say this, going to hidden by the flak vest and armour. There; I've said it. Now I feel ashamed.