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Hey I have been reading every one elses for some time and finally got a camra that I can post pics with so down below is my armor but I have been searching for perople who have used motorcycle visors for thier bucketbut have found no results so I was woundering if you could help me with that. I also have more painting to do. any ideas would be great.

IMG_0706 (1).jpg

IMG_0707 (1).jpg

IMG_0708 (1).jpg

IMG_0709 (1).jpg

IMG_0710 (1).jpg
yeah I do have the dimond its red with a black bantha skull on it. and I am planing on cuting out the T and puting a silver visor in it
Looks like a DP helmet. Check ebay for "t-visor", there is a guy selling t-visors that are made for DP and Rubies buckets. Give that a shot.
You'll probably have to get a normal visor and put some window tint over it. You have to make sure when it dries though that you don't have bubbles.
Yeah, what Novall said. The don't offer sliver tint...and finding that type of plastic in the right size and shape might be kind of costly. The window tint idea might work best.
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