First paintjob totally layered!


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Hi guys,

this will be my first paintjob on a ESB boba and I will go the layered technique.
I have recently seen Terminal Fettlers thread and I was very impressed.

Now I´ll go the same way to get my bucket finished.

First steps have been working out fine so far. I hope you all will enjoy the progress as I plan to take down pics of all steps. (y)

Any comments and tips are welcome!


Step 01: Primed helmet with light grey and using masking fluid to set off those little grey parts inside the silver. I tinted the masking fluid blue to better see what is done.


Step 02: The silver is sprayed on.


Step 03: The masking fluid has been peeled off to show the small light grey scratches.

Not much to see until now, but tomorrow I´ll put on the stencils for the silver scratches step by step.

@Terminal Fettler: I would especially appreciate some comments from you, as you have done such an incedible layered paintjob.(y)

More to come very soon.


PS: BTW I use RAL Colors, european used Paints for cars. I hope they will work out fine in color, trying to get as close to the originals as possible. Weathering the helmet will do a lot to the colors afterwards ...


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Thank you all for the kind words!
I´ll try to get as accurate as possible. Hope it turns out good as this is my first paint job on a boba ever.

@Mojo-Fett: This helmet is one of two I have and this one isn´t a very good one, although I like it because it´s slightly bigger than the other one. It´s the camera angle that throws out the lid, maybe I´ll post some other shots where you can see it better, but for progress I wanted to show similar shots to see whats going on. :D

More to come ... 8)


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Here we go ...


After masking the silver I put the darker grey on it. Not much progress but it´s a time consuming step to mask all that silver scratches.:(


A different view ...


And of course the cat scratch.

Next step will be the masking of the grey on the mandibles to put the next layer on. This will be the maroon part.


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One quick step in between:

The masking for spraying the mandibles.
First I thought it would be very hard to tape all the curves, but the masking fluid comes in handy here ... I just use it to cover the rough taping for exact curveness on the mandibles. And it should work out fine afterwards.


All parts except the mandibles are taped. The blue masking fluid is on top too. Hope it turns out well. We´ll see. :D

More to come this evening.


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just to add:

Many people around say there wouldn´t be any difference between topical and layered paintjob afterwards, but if you look closely you can see it very well. I´ll post some "close-ups" tonight. ;-)

BTW: I like both techniques, there are many talented guys here on TDH for topical paintjobs! But I saw Terminal fettlers Thread and so... I had to give it a try. ;-)


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I use a super small brush to apply the liquid masking. Turned out to be the better way when there are little edges followed by larger areas. So I don´t have to change tools. ;-)

And thank you Terminal Fettler. It means a lot to me to get those words from you!


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When(ever) I finish my second scratch build, I am gonna do the layered technique!
Looking awesome bro! (y)



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terminal fettler

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just to add:

Many people around say there wouldn´t be any difference between topical and layered paintjob afterwards, but if you look closely you can see it very well. I´ll post some "close-ups" tonight. ;-)

This is why i chose the layered method, you have to get in real close to spot it, but it gives you the ultimate edge in detail...(y)


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A new shot after mandibles are sprayed with dark-red (some use Maroon).
Please excuse this bad picture quality but I had to shoot it without flash.
This is the color that is almost gone with the next lighter red. Just slight parts will remain after the lighter red is sprayed on.

But I need to mask it again first. :facepalm

Most time consuming parts are masking before painting and afterwards peeling it off again. But the results keep me going on ...


First layer of red is sprayed on.


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Thanks Mojo,

I hope the result is what all of you expect, because it´s my very first Boba-Paintjob at all. It´s funny to mask, paint, peel the mask off, and mask again.

First step with masking the silver is the longest, because all following layers can be painted by hand looking close to the reference pictures as you have the silver parts as "landmarks" for the job.

Until now all colors are "right off the box" rattlecan sprays. (I took reference pictures too to compare the colors and until now they fit perfectly)



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The lighter red for the final mandibles is on now. I tried to get them as close to the darker red as possible and I would say it worked out good.

As on the original helmet there are darker red areas around some edges of the red now. Looking very cool.

I also took off the tape. Next step will be the green on the dome and the lower cheeks and the dark grey/black on the upper cheeks.

Any tips what to do first? TF did the upper dark cheeks first and after that th edome and the lower cheeks. I guess doing the darker color at last is more effective, isn´t it?

Any comments welcome!


Grey bucket with final mandibles.