First and LAST ROTJ Helmet*PIC HEAVY*


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ROTJ RF and my ROTJ Helmet

Ok I have fixed a few of the glaring mistakes, there are still a few more blemishes that need fixing but It'll have to do. I've also added a touch of blue in the upper cheeks. The new RF is attached it is 2 seperate pieces, a main body and a clear insert with 3 green and silver lines inlaid.









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They say we are our own worst critic. You my friend are a definate master and have a difficult time coming to grips with your own abilities. The helmet is a work of art and that is not just lip service. I am constantly amazed at how well you actually do in such a short period of time.
Damn fine job M_S!
I'm not an expert when it comes to ROTJ buckets, but that looks really dang good to me! I'd have to say...well done:)
You must be crazy, that is some of the most beautiful painting I've seen. Like cal up there said if you don't want there are plenty of members here who will take it off your hands. *rubbing hands together in an evil fashion*
Jordy thats amazing!! Dont beat yourself up too bad I think you've done an awesome job there!! Wanna do one for me?...............Only joking ;)
I also am no Jedi expert,(ESBjunkie;) ) but have studied some of the reference and must say that from your pics it looks fantastic! Custom blended colors do present a problem with going back in to fix or touch-up,but I'm sure you can pull it off (y) :D

Dude, yer mistakes are better than alot of people intentions hehehhe......besides there is always time to redo it. Very nice job, I hope my 2nd bucket comes out half as good. ;)
Awesome job Marrow...even with the minor so called "blemishes." I really like the way your green turned out on the rear section of the helmet...wish I had half of your painting skills. Keep up the good work my friend.
Again I to am not an expert........ dam that looks good bro . I have a bucket (not sure what it is ) and I have been thinking off getting a raw one and painting it myself . Well I guess you're the man .I will send you a PM and maybe you can set me up and talk me through it .

Enjoy the pics and I should have listened to you EDDIE! Just say NO to the JEDI helmet. Nothing but bad luck:cry

AW MAN! Don't say that. It looks great. I just finished painting my first RotJ helmet for a board member here, and I absolutely fell in love with the paint scheme. I'm thinking of doing my BKBT Jango Conversion in that scheme.
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I have to agree with everyone here. If this is a failure, then I hope my bucket sucks this much. Your pics actually have me reconsidering the SE Fett I had planned. I am now seriously considering a 100% ROTJ. Great work! :cheers
WOW ,I see nothing wrong with this ROTJ helmet and paint job , however I respect your personal opinion on your own work.'' Its a sweet looking bucket'' if you ask me. If you mind me asking what colors did you use ,especially the green for the back.
I'm afraid that none of the colour where straight from a bottle. If memory serves me correctly I used a standard Testors green with a Model Master Chromite Zinc green I'm just finishing off the RF right now and it looks great I'll repost some pics tonight.
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