finishing up the gauntlets...

Dustin Crops Boy

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After MONTHS of avoiding it - I figured I better get busy and finish these things up... i finished the fiberglass base gauntlets back in August for Yvonne - but didn't get the cuff or trim done in time...

i took the day off from work today and sculpted a cuff:


it looks like it was sculpted w/ marshmellow in these pix - but only because I used some scrap clay i had laying around that was a mix of white and cream colored clay. As always - it looks better in person ;)

I'm gonna mold this then make a plaster copy... then cut it in half and make them into workable molds for my vac table... after I get a vac'd copy - i'll line it w/ leather then sculpt the black insert and vac that.

I'm also working on the trim piece that goes on the other gauntlet. In case you didnt know - the trim on her right gauntlet is a totally seperate piece than her gauntlet. Argh... they (LFL) dont make these things easy :facepalm


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Dustin Crops Boy wrote:

it looks like it was sculpted w/ marshmellow in these pix -

Why is the theme song from "Ghostbusters" running through my head now? ;)

Cool though... looking forward to seeing the finished product! :D As usual, I'm sure they are perfect! :D

*starts counting up pennies again!*

judz dwedd

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That cuff, as well as your gauntlets are looking good. (y)

I don't suppose you'll offer any un-finished, huh? Just thought I'd ask, to try to avoid having to make them myself. My April deadline is getting here faster than I want. :(

Zam I Am

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Oh, and it will still go glove, marshmallow cream cuff, and then gaunt.. I see? And, are you widening the base to match the gaunt diameter? I think the first cuff was a tad tight, right?