Finished SGB HS Fett helmet


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Hey guys and gals, long time, no post. I've been busy getting my HS Fett finished up. Version 1.0 is done. ;) The first thing I want to upgrade, though, is new collar and back armor. The current stuff works, but it doesn't have the best fit. Then I'll want to resculpt my knees so they aren't as tight around my knees as they are now. :/

Here are photos of the finished helmet, which SGB provided me. I chose to use the pre-pro 2 damage scheme since it was just straight silver over the normal colors. I didn't want to use any other colors on the helmet in fear that they would detract from the helmet. So the pre-pro 2 damage scheme was perfect for my needs. Also, I chose to leave off the kill marks. They didn't appear in the HS cartoon for obvious reasons, but I chose to honor that in this helmet. The deep blue cheeks were seen while Boba is walking in the city looking for the antidote to the sleeping virus, and I DID want to put those on the helmet.




And I threw one MOST of my gear tonight to see what needed last-minute fittings. The cape and the jet pack are absent in this photo, but you are otherwise looking at the completed suit:


Enjoy... friend. My debut is tomorrow!


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It's better than the whole HS

I really like how you've translated it from cartoon to prop. I agree with you on your choice of paint scheme for the helmet too, looks very cool


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Thanks for all the kind works guys! It really means a lot. Since it was such a questionable project from the get-go, I was hoping I wouldn't get any flack from this forum, but you guys are awesome!

Anyways, today I trooped in it for the first time. And despite the expected and eventual tightness of the vest and weight of the jet pack, this suit is unbelievably comfortable! Normally in my other costumes I have to take periodic breaks, but this time, I only took two breaks: lunch (with everyone else), and another one to fix a minor gauntlet issue.

And a little kid, I estimate at 5 years old, actually identified me as the Holiday Special Boba Fett --- and he was the only one the ENTIRE event to do so.

Thanks for all the support... friends.

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That costume STINKS, your Galactic Marine STINKS, and your scout is pathetic.

ok, enough lies.
ANOTHER FINE QUALITY JOB BROTHER!! Always cool to see your projects.

Be proud, man!