Finished painting my MLC ESB side arm *PICTURES*


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Here it is, let me know what do you guys think. :) It is weathered but it dosent show well in the pictures.
Also, should I give it a dull clearcoat??




Jangos kid

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Looks really nice bud!! I'm in the process of painting mine as well. I really like the color you used for the reddish brown!(y)


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Thanks guys, I used a mix of Humbrol's Matte brown and Matte black for the final coate. It looks very close in color to the Marmit's sidearm. I also used some black pastel powder around the corners to give it some depth and for weathering to make it look more real. The barrel is aluminum spray paint.

I had it done in just two days. :) Thanks to the airbrush.