Finished my BM Chest Armor


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SMR2005PCwiz BM Armor Painted

HEY decided to put this up this up before i did a full costume V1.0 thread

Here it is. my fist attempt at ROTJ fett armor. I still need to do the back, cod,collar,shoulders and knees but here's some pics of what's been finished so far. if anyone needs anything painted send me a PM.

UPDATE- Finished my Cod, Butt, Collar, Back, and shoulders (Just waiting for decal)... and sorry my camera is not the greatest. Knees, and Helmet coming soon. Again If anyone Needs Something Painted send me a PM for a Price list.

6/25/07 UPDATE- After doing al13ns armor a REPAINT will happen as soon as i get my ROTJ boba 100% completed, i like to look of just Dull coat , this as Krylon Satin on it. i also got better at the yellow damage.










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That looks great bro, dont be shy about adding the splatters in there and some of the multi tone highlights and shadows. Spideyfett was kind enought to teach me his secrets on how he did his. Keep up the good work.
There is only one word for the paintwork and that is INCREDIBLE!!!
I only hope my own armor turns out just as well. Can't wait to see the helmet painted up. Be sure to do progress photos.(y)
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