For Sale Finished Fett ESB-ish helmet with stand / Jeremy Bulloch signature

Lucksy31 - ESB Chest Decal


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Purchased this last year but I have already upgraded to another bucket. Sorry, but I do NOT know the provenance/origin of this helmet (perhaps someone here knows?).

The owner originally posted a pic of him standing next to Jeremy Bulloch with the helmet, and subsequently the signature on the inside, so I have no doubt that the signature is legitimate. HOWEVER, I have no COA or other way to "prove" the signature's authenticity.

A few notes:
1) The overall paint scheme is ESB-ish, but not 100% exact (see photos).
2) The ear pieces and the rangefinder are resin, without lights. It looks like the rangefinder screw hole was cracked at some point and glued; while the rangefinder still moves up and down, I would recommend a resin or aluminum replacement.
3) No lights in the rangefinder
4) The visor is nice and flush, with screw mounts
5) Back of helmet keyhole slots are cut out, and the resin calculator(?) PCB is included for them (see pics).
6) Small stand included
7) Asking $350 US shipped in North America ; this includes insurance, and delivery confirmation (in the United States)
8) PAYPAL only

Feel free to PM me with any questions.



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