Find the missing peices. *Links fixed*

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Hi everybody. Well i few weeks back i finnaly got started on my boba armour. I found a guy who had given up on his so i basically got a box full stuff. Some of which i have no idea what it could be. So i'm asking for some help to identify some of the peices in the pictures... and perhaps. what is missing?

the pictures are large so i'll only post the links. Sorry for the inconvenience boys.

I hope that the links work now... tried a new webhost.
If you can't view the links try to this link and click on the induvidual pics there.

The JP

Most of the things have already been identified by Jodo_Kast but the rest of you guys can have a go as well...
Mmmm... i figured something like this would happen.

I tried the tdh web-hotel but the server seems to be down or it has moved. Cuz the link i got ain't working.


I'll email you the pics. thnx
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Also if something is out of place or wrong in the pictures (especially the JP) or perhaps there are parts missing like for example the stalck to the RF, please let me know.

Stuff that has been identified: (thanks so Jodo_Kast)
Knee Darts Pic
1,2,3,6 - are knee dart pcs Looks like your short one long dart
4,5 - look like adjustment knobs for a Fett rifle???

Left Overs Pic
1 - looks like greeblies for the blaster stock but I'm unsure
2 - is the cheek detail for the helmet
3 - Boba has 6 studs (2 on each shoulder and one on each side attaching his cod to his butt plate)

Stuff Pic
1 - range finder top
2 - ear cap for helmet
3 - bolt (not sure if it's significant)
4 - LED's for RF top

Switches Pic
These are all for your left ROTJ gauntlet
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