Find Posts/Threads created by User issues.


Hi I’m Bobert!
Art Andrews and Scott Kaufmann I seem to be having issues with the search function of finding posts and threads when I go into a user's profile.

An example. When I go to Art's profile and then "Find-> Find Content-> Find all threads by Art Andrews" I am finding that it is returning no threads between 2020-2009. I was searching specifically for this thread: Boba Fett Pulce 40 Empire Strikes Back Pistol to link to a discussion taking place at the RPF.

Is there a way to fix this issue? I know Art and a few other community members have created important threads and this makes is harder to search for.


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I also noticed this problem with the general search, as well as finding threads or content from specific members within the last month or so.
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I think the search function is set to show only those threads that have recent posts. I searched for threads created by me and it showed only 4 of them, and these have posts from the last 3 months:
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I have also recently had problems using the search function, though slightly different then what was mentioned already: I searched for the Various ESB casts dicussion searching directly for the title of the thread and it didnt show any results.
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