Finally started my pre-pro armor


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I finally got around to starting on my armor, as stated in the title. Anyways I messed up on weathering my chest peice, I was doing a wash and there was a spot where a drop of the wash stayed so I went and whiped it off and it left a light spot in the paint, not too bad but just enough to annoy me cuz i knew it was there so it was the first thin i looked at. But here's my left shoulder pad all painted but not weathered or touched up . I painted the thing on it, not sure what it was but allmost said i painted the decal on. But its all paint. Be fully honest with your responses please.
Just finished the chest insignia, I think it came out ok, the wheaty lookin thing is a little off center but I dont mind it too much, BTW the green isn't as dark as it looks in the pic.

A got it weathered, took the pic outside so you can see the layers

Any comments would be nice wether it's a "hey you suck" or a "hey looks decent". Thanks
Thanks, I wanted to paint everything on here because I dont like the way vinyl decals or stickers rather, look they're just too clean and even with a clear coat ever them they still stick up. to paint the insignia on the chest I used something called an Olfa it cuzt circles pretty good it's about $7.00 at michael's and I think they have them at wal-mart too.
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"hey looks decent"? More like a "hey that armor looks amazing:eek: ."

Keep it up.
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Thanks, I used Tamiya smoke to make the clousy look on top of Tamiya's Nato green, then applied several black washes. Tomorrow I may apply a pastel coat with a clear flat on top of it.
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