Finally Some Progess.Eagleskull's "Tank" Mando


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Eagleskull's "Tank" Mando

Been about 2 years since I got my first helmet and took about 3 repaints till I got it the way I wanted. But my helmets been sitting on display without any armor for a long time so after may concepts and thrown away old armor I finally got to the point that im almost finished. Jumpsuit still being weathered and whatnot so thats why I dont have it in these pictures. 1st one is the early concept, still going to incorp those shoulder straps once I get everything squared away.


My newest bounty :D

My belt has my ceremonial knife, 2-barreled pistol and a lightsaber of a fallen sith.

Here the right shoulder piece, more of a decor piece of armor with my own type of banta skull.

The left armor piece functions as a shield to protect myself from fire as I aim, still need to make the vest so ill be able to attach it properly then just using ducttape

And here just a shot of my rifle WIP, added some detail(like the blood on the end of the mag ) but i still need to paint where you can notice the blue. Going to add a new barrel and scope.

Going to finish up the back plate later this week and have a better picture with the full armor.
But thanks for looking and more progess be on its way.
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Zurath Kodul

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Looking good, man. I think you're off to a good start.

On an unrelated note, where'd the dreads to the predator go? He looks naked without them

Darth Valcar

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Looks great, Like what you have done with the chest armour...... keep the updates coming...... also good to see a saber in there somewhere....

Jodo Kast 3

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Looks really good. Can`t wait to see the full set of armor pics.

About the knife, is it real or is it rubbber/resin?

Just curious..


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Thanks all :D
For the predator I had dreads on him but Im going to upgrade them so thats why they are not on.

Jodo Kast 3. The knife is real


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Ya the blood is darker, I hate using flash thats why it comes out so redish. But anyways worked on the boot templates, here are pics of the cardboard concept. Gave it a GOW/ Vader look.


Sorry for the duct tape :D


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Here some alil more progess, Finished the shoulder armor and shoulder bells. But i had a problem with the "shield" Bell so i need to mod that later also finished my cod armor.

BOoom! Ground Walker!

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Some small update, finished some of the boot armor got it weathered and nicely dirted up


And i got a surprise today from the UPS man, my new toy for my mando and also for another project :D 2 pts for the person who names the movie this props from (y)


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Just a quick update. Im about 89 percent done with my mando so I repainted the whole armor today. Heres the pictures :D

Back Plate Design