Finally Some Good Pics of Jai Galaar!

I've had much time to finish this armor and am happy with this "technological terror" I've constructed.

Comments?? Please be kind...






Very nice. I dig the customized helmet. Very menacing. And I like that the costume all flows very nicely and isn't bulky or awkward and looks screen worthy. I hope mine turns out half that well. (y)

Buck Navillus

New Hunter
Great custom! I really like the paint scheme, the detailed ridges and painted symbols on the helmet and especially the gauntlets! You got them to where I want mine to be but just haven't had time. Good job!


Well-Known Hunter
Great job! Cool colors and design! I agree that leather pouches would be cool, also move the shin guards down just a little so they don't crowd the knee pads. Great job though.

Cylrul Pbz wrote:
Also may want to dirty the soft parts a bit as well.

The pics don't really do it justice, but I've taken a dremel sanding drum to the soft parts to weather it. It will fray the fabric nicely. You ought to see what it makes the neck seal look like!