Finally Finished, New Bucket!!!

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Well, this helmet was one of the main reasons I didn't get to bring Jango to Dragon Con. The first painting of it was a disaster, the paint peeled horribly on me and I tried a metallic paint instead of rub-n-buff. Needless to say, I had to start all over and there was not enough time to finish it in addition to all the other upgrades I am working on. But it is finished now and I think it turned out pretty good.






Awesome job as always Mirax:cheers
I'll be doing a Jango (helmet only) to add to my collection pretty soon and this is a great inspiration.

Thanks gang. I know, I know, I wanted to try something different, since I had an airbrush and all :lol: I have learned and will never stray from Rub-n-Buff again :lol: This is none of the above mentioned helmets, it was one I bought from Gino. I don't know what it is based off of, but it is larger than a DP 95 and the ears are custom made and are metal. Both blues were airbrushed on (man I love my airbrush).
Beauty eh! Motivates me to finish my mystery bucket which is in the process of being converted to a jango. It's been sitting in my garage for many moons.
Pardon my thickness, but you use rub n buff instead of paint?

Great helmet my dear lady! I'm hoping to do me a Jango helmet as soon as a DP96 I won gets here. I want to display it alongside some Jango blasters I'm getting.

BTW, what colors did you use?
Yay! Someone finally spoke my language! Model master colors!
And floquils!

For some reason, in spite of the fact I've been building models for 30 years, I feel 'out of the loop' when it comes to what you all use around here. I picked up a tube of rub n buff the other day. When I do my Jango bucket, I was considering trying using Alcad metalizers, but picked up the rub n buff to give it a try.
:lol: And let me tell you, I tried out a ton of colors, along with a buddy who did the same before he sent colors to me to try out. These are not perfect but I think they are close and until we find out what the real colors are, this is the best I can do.
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