Finally Done - Loranar_Fett's ROTJ M_S Bucket

Loranar Fett

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Well I was not planning on posting any pictures until I had my finished my suit but I am too excited not to share :)

I think I am finally done my M_S bucket - on the exterior anyways. Still have to finish the MQ-1 board, wiring up the RF servo and get on a list for M_S awesome interior kits.

I have been working on this baby since June 2004, mind you it has not been straight - but tonight I finally finished:cheers. It was painted with a combination of Rogue Studio colours and custom colours for the cheeks etc.

Parts list:

Helmet - Marrow_Sun
RF - Half DP and clear part Marrow_Sun
RF Stalk - bigkidbiggertoys
RF Servo Kit - Hyperdyne

Thanks to those listed above and to everyone else for thier inspiration and awesome talent.

Please feel free to provide comments and ideas. I was going for somewhat movie accurate but I had to "go-with-the-flow" in some areas.






wow!! from someone who painted a ROTJ scheme aswell... bravo!! well done, looks excellent!!
HeadlessHunter said:
Very true to the ROTJ helmet, excellent work!!! All you need now is a nice TK409 cape to top it off!! ;)

I know just the place to get one ;)

Thanks again for all of the nice comments everyone - makes me feel all warm and fuzy :)

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