Fibreglass for Vinyl - good trade huh?

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I hope the title grabbed your attention.

Due to family $$$ issues (who doesn't have them) I sold my new Skygunbro helmet, put most of the money in the family account and bought this little baby on Ebay yesterday morning.


The guy couldn't tell if it said 95 or 96 on the back of the helmet and the auction ended at 8am. In the end, I paid $50 US for what appears to be a DP 95 with green interior. :cheers I'm basing that on the recessed visor which I don't think the 96's had.

The FG helmet was a great piece of work but I think the FG was a bit thicker than the DP95 vinyl and the cheeks of the DP look like they may have been less protruding inside the helmet so I am hoping I can fit this one OK.

I have my paints ready to go as soon as the new helmet arrives and hope to do a decent Jodo Kast conversion to it.

Wish me luck.
Not sure on the inside dimensions of the MSH or MSH2, but I highly recommend the Mystery Helmet for inner space. I used to wear glasses, and could barely fit the helmet over the frames.

The inside of the MH is roomier than either my old DP'95 or my DP Deluxe recast.

I know your funds are low, but when you back on your feet, I highly recommend it. In the words of Ferris Bueller, "it is so choice." :)
The MSH2 is surprisingly small on the inside (from back to front). My cheeks rub the inside when I put the helmet on to the same degree as my DP 95.

I say go fiberglass again. Its like a drug, once you`ve had one, you want more. I`m just not sure which one is big enough, but I`m sure the members here will chime in and let you know your options.

I don't have a mystery helmet, but I have a feeling that eventually one will be a part of my collection... Anyway, from what i hear it has plenty of room.
I Do have a MSH and a MSH-2 and those have plenty of room for yer noggin plus all the little toys you might want to put in them. :)
MLC-1 is an obviously large helmet, I'd love to see a comparison of it and maybe a MSH-1 or 2. Or at least get some of it's dimentions down. :)
Well, size wise the problem I had with my FG bucket was my forehead couldn't get past the cheek areas. The problem was solved witha 15 degree twist but I think the issue might be that the helmet was a dp 95 recast that had been given extra flare. I was paying for the extra flare in that the helmet wasn't as deep now from front to back. I had tons of room around my ears but was a little shy arounf the face. An awesome cast for sure but just not best suited to my head.
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