Fibre Glass Confusion


New Hunter
Hi all...second post, so be gentle.

Im currently doing a scratch build, and after creating the cardboard frame I am int he process of firming it up with fibrglass.

When I originally read a tutorial (on another site), it almost looked like the fibreglass was thick, and painted on like tar.

The fibre glass I have is RESIN in a bottle, and cloth. I have been painting the cloth onto the frame piece by piece. But in order to add strength to the more delicate areas, I am having to add coat after coat after coat...leaving it 24 hours between each. The resin is very thinn, almost water like, and without the cloth doesnt seem to add any strength.

Im kinda stuck with completing it this way for this first project, but I just wondered if there is another type of fibreglass I should have used?

this is the stuff I bought;

Fibreglass Repair Kit GRP 8Square Feet Matting | eBay

After I have finished the fibreglass coat, I plan to use this to do the top coat before sanding it down;

Pro Range Premium MAGIC Easy Sand Body Filler 3.5L & Hardener Car Bodyfiller | eBay

Any help or advice is appreciated.