Fiberglassing A Cardboard Jet Pack?



Fiberglassing A Cardboard Jetpack?

I started making my Stubby jet pack for my Jango costume because frankly, it just costs too much for a kit for me. I have made the whole thing out of cardboard and masking tape but I want to fiberglass over it to make it strong and smooth. Just wondering, would this work? Or should I just do paper mache?
dude you got pictures of that jet pack? I would be interested in seeing it.

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Sure, here yah go:

<img src=>

I just started a few hours ago.
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i went with paper-mache, up untill the other day when the wind caught it knocked it on the ground and shattered the nosecone, but the papermache held so i have revamped the nose so i can use multiple warheads instead of 1 should be finished by the end of the month if it doesnt get to much hotter here in sin city, will try to post pics when its done

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The resin used in Fiberglass contains acetone, it would eat the tape, and the whole thing could just come apart and get all messy. Um I'm going out on a limb here (It's a crazy idea!) but you could try to paint on some elmers glue on to create a barrier, then cover the thing in newspaper, and alternate between layers of glue and news paper until the thing is good and stiff, then just spray the thing down with a coat or two of polyurathane to keep the glue from melting from mosture......Just a suggestion.
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Ok I got the thing fiberglassed but now what? Its all bumpy and fiber-like, how do I make it smooth and shiney? I'd imagine sanding would just make it fuzzy fibers...
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You could try painting on layers of FG resin & then sand those until smooth which would be time consuming, add weight & cost OR use a skim coat of bondo which will also add weight. I can't think of any other way to fix this.
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you can gelcoat it, pick up the stuff at a marine boat store. ITs what they do to make boats nice and smooth.
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