Fiberglass for Kellogg's clone helmet?

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I am reworking a Kellogg's clone trooper helmet and I am just wondering what kind of fiberglass would be the best to line the inside with. I know of a few people that have done this around these forums so i figured i mite get some good advise. I am thinking of buying the stuff they have at WAL-MART. Never worked with fiberglass before so i just want to make sure i don't melt the helmet or somthing.:lol: Thanks. :D

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I used a Gel fiberglass with strips to reinforce ..I way over did it, you really don't need that much at all if your going to bondo the outside. Also remember to cut your fin off if you want it to be straight, they molded it off center. I've got a few pics in the thread called "ARC trooper 1128" of my work.


Yeah, I use the stuff from Wal-Mart and Lowes. Spread it around on the inside, use fiberglass mat (the cross-weaved stuff is less messy than the "hairy" fiber) to reinforce it like paper mache', and buy extra hardener. But don't use too much, or it gets hot.

I just overheated my custom Shocktrooper helmet and stuck it in the freezer not 5 minutes ago.:lol: I've done two Kelloggs Clones, my first Fett bucket, my chest and shoulder armor for my shocktrooper, and its helmet......all with the WalMart/Lowes resin. It works great, but work near an open window with an exhaust fan, and buy a respirator mask for the sanding part. Just the smell gives me migraines immediately.

You'll also need rubber gloves for each time you work, and acetone for cleaning up any messes.


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I went to a Fiberglass and Caasting shop to buy my stuff.
You can use a 2 part Epoxy Resin that is 3:1 ratio. It has a low cure temperature. You should be able to get the FG cloth to support the material and strengthen the inside.
Mr. Fett brought over a resin Predator Helmet the other night and I FG the inside of it for him that way.
It is pretty solid now.
Just paint the epoxy in, lay your cloth and brush the epoxy over the top and tamp it in with the brush being careful to smooth out the cloth.
It is pretty quick and the results are great.
Make sure you rough up the inside of the bucket with 80 grit sandpaper to support the adhesion.

phantom viper

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Great suggestions guys. Thanks a bunch. (y):D

Is fiberglass gel the same stuff as the Bondo brand gel? I was lookin at that as well but it shows it without the fiberglass sheet. Just layer it on a sheet of plastic and apply. Witch would not help on this project.

Tambo, I saw that earlier. great work. I am going with the arc as well. Love those guys. I just mite modify the ear now after seeing yours.:D
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