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One of the many projects that were completed months go. I thought I'd take a min to post it, as a precursor to introducing my fett display in a few days or so. This was a modified original MSH, before I started the MSH2. This one will be finding a good new home in the near future.

Enjoy ;)


Boba Freekk

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thats just simply incredible :eek:

you have raised the standard once again.now im going to have to start all over because of you...and im almost done :angry
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That's just incredible!!
Simply the best helmet i've seen. No doubt about that.

Awesome work, FP!!



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Gosh darn, that is absolutely awesome. Now if i could only use a jedi mind trick and convimce you to sell it to me!!:)

Top helmet all round.


Nerf Herder

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The resculpt mods ALONE are enough to take the breath away, let alone the paintjob!:eek: An ABSOLUTELY SUPERB masterpiece you have there , fp!(y)
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Hi guys and gals ;)

Thanks for the kind words .. I dunno what to say :eek:

I had the last problem with village photos that I'll ever have today ... don't get me wrong, it wasn't their fault , I exceeded my bandwidth alotment for today :lol: Sooooooooooo, I got smart, and finally made a move closer to my website going live, and moved everything to my own server, and canceled my temp host.

So in short .. Pics fixed .. for good ;) Sorry for the problem.

Again, thanks to all !


tteF aboB

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Thats awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Looks like a five finger discount form the MOM tour. Truly amazing work.

Megalomaniac Mando

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You freaking guy, you! Always love seeing pics of your stuff. Heck, I bet if you took pics of the inside of your fridge it'd look better than mine. Great job, as usual.


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:eek:I'm drooling over this piece of art!:love

But, like DARTH WOLFE said...unfortunately it's ESB! :lol:

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Halo 1

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C'mon FP, spill the beans...when did you hit the MOM exhibit and pulled that switcheroo?

You do know that by doing that, you're just gonna confuse the new 'kids' who check out the Fett display and wonder why the hell is the mannequin wearing a 95 DP... :D

Seriously though...WE ARE NOT WORTHY! I kneel before you in awe! VERY VERY VERY NICE bucket!

Stay safe.