For Sale Fettology's Ongoing Vinyl Decal Run


Jr Hunter
I am pleased to start offering accurate vinyl decals for all your Fett needs. I have designed these decals using various still images as well as documented photos and photos from the traveling costumes exhibits. These are as accurate as I could get them and have preserved many angles seen in the reference photos.

I am using premium vinyl for these decals - Never printed! These are long lasting UV resistant decals that will complete your costume.

Below is a sample of how the decals look. Please note that your monitor may not display colors accurately however with all my research I've matched the vinyl to as close as screen accurate as I can.

Fettology Decal Samples.jpg

I am happy to offer two different styles; Positive decals and Negative decals.

Positive decals are the actual decals that will be placed on your armor and will stay as is.

Negative decals are like disposable stencils. You will stick the "stencil" onto the area you want the decal to be and you paint on the decal. For multi colored decals you will receive each layer for those colors. For example the Mythosaur Skull (shoulder) emblem has 2 colors - the red and off white. You will receive a decal for the off white and a separate decal for the red skull. Please note these are a one time use stencil and can not be reused.

I am currently offering the following decals in both "clean" versions and "damaged" versions.

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 7.21.38 AM.png

All prices include shipping. I am also able to create any customs decals for your suit. I can design a decal or create a decal using an image you have. Just PM me and we can work out the pricing and details.

For ordering info please PM me. I have PayPal and guarantee same day turnaround and will ship via standard mail.

Please include the following in your payment.
  • TDH Username
  • Which set you want
  • If you want the positive or negative decals (if not specified you will be sent a positive decal set)
  • Real Name
  • Shipping Address
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What are the measurements of the shoulder decal? Can they be scaled or am I limited to canon dimensions? I'm interested in a clean negative and positive decal.