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Discussion in 'Prop Building Workshop' started by Jc27, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. Jc27

    Jc27 Active Member

    Here is something I am currently working on. I plan on making the sound board and speaker use the wireless transmitter system I currently use on my servo kit, I will also be adding an amplifier. Thanks to Bcurtis for the sound files.

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  2. Froflo

    Froflo Jr Member

    Thats awesome man!
  3. Kdogg211187

    Kdogg211187 Jr Member

    Is this what you were looking for Jason Wingreen sound files for a little while back?
  4. Jc27

    Jc27 Active Member

    Yes. I have a few other sound clips that I could use as well.
  5. ThatRndmBounty

    ThatRndmBounty Active Member

  6. Jc27

    Jc27 Active Member

    I am going to try to configure one of my wireless transmitters to fit inside my EE-3 with 4 small external pushbuttons to trigger the sound effects. I am hoping to have a working prototype by the end of this week.
  7. Jc27

    Jc27 Active Member

    Here is v2 of this project. The amp should be here by the end of the week. Hopefully it will increase the volume so the sound clips can be heard during a troop.
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  8. deathxcircle

    deathxcircle Member

    That is very cool!
  9. Jc27

    Jc27 Active Member

    Here is the project with the wireless transmitter inside my EE-3 with pushbuttons mounted so I can trigger the sound clips with my trigger finger.
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  10. Jc27

    Jc27 Active Member

    Here is v3, it all fits inside my left ammo pouch in between 2 pieces of foam. the amp is at less than half volume, so I can make it louder if need be.
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  11. Jesuit24

    Jesuit24 Jr Member

    Nice! It's a shame about the Vader breath.
  12. Jc27

    Jc27 Active Member

    If anyone has a cleaner (no vader breathing) version of JW's "as you wish", I could use it. I can't clean it up enough without taking out some of JW's line.
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  13. Covafett

    Covafett Member

    I want one!
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  14. Jc27

    Jc27 Active Member

    I did the CAD layout of the circuit board. It's around 2 inches by 4 inches. I found a small speaker that should fit the ab plate really nice, I will be ordering that speaker and doing some mod to the prototype so the entire kit will fit under the ab plate. I will post some vids once I have it ready.
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  15. Hames13

    Hames13 Jr Member

    That is so cool! One day I will endeavour to do this...
  16. Funkyred

    Funkyred Member

    Seriously awesome ! ......need ! Want !
  17. Jc27

    Jc27 Active Member

    The new speaker will be in next week. I will set everything up in my ab plate, then post a video.
  18. Jc27

    Jc27 Active Member

    Here is the new video. The sound board is behind the left chest plate, the speaker is behind the holes in the ab plate, and it is running off of the same battery pack as the fettronics chest display.

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  19. TheZeroEffect

    TheZeroEffect Member

    Ha that’s awesome, love the button placement... happy to hear you used the original voice and not the new one that make me cringe every time

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