Jc27 Fettinator Industries Jetpack Beacon Light kit

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Lucksy31 - ESB JetPack Decal
The kit comes with a control box, 1 warm white LED, and a 3d printed LED diffuser. The actual jetpack beacon is not included with this kit.
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beacon pic.jpg


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I added 2 kits to the sale thread, the buy it now should work. I only have the US and Canada listed, but I will ship to just about anywhere.


USA. Either to DV (Lou) or directly to me. Should know in a day or so. Can you hold on to it for me until Wednesday?


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Hey Justin, Dakota sent me your way. So thankful for the direction. I hear you are the best Light Beacon on this side of our Galaxy. I am ready to purchase anytime when you have another available. I live in Tennessee near Nashville!!!!!


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Also Justin, if you by chance make and have a set of lights for Rangefinder, I would be happy to scoop those up as well!!!!! Salute to you Bounty Hunter!!!!!
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