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Well I thought I would post pics of my Marrow Sun Jodo Bucket. Im still waiting on my new ear caps and rangefinder to get here, so I can put them on the bucket. I used an interesting method of painting this helmet. I used spray on the orange parts and the dome. but the cheek area was brushed on and the area below the cheek and the back of the helmet were Finger painted. lol, It actually turned out to my liking. Tell me what you think, this is my second paint job I've ever done.



I wired up a fan with an on/off switch, powered by a 9v battery. I bought all the stuff at Radioshack for about 20 bucks. The visor is the Xl model by T-visor.com, and its in place by the Tk-409 putty method. The duct tape was just there while the putty was drying to hold it in place

oh and here's my nice nice new belt I got from Lionspride:
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Yah, My helmet Decals finally came in the mail! Now if I can just get that package from Canada I've been waiting on, I'll be great

Well due to some constructive criticism, I decided to fill in my dent with putty. Tommorrow it should be good and dry and I'll sand it down, and try to match the paint as close as the rest, without respraying. While I was at it, I also touched up some scratches with a sharpie

Nice job on the Jodo helm. Can`t wait to see more progress pics. And yes, good move on filling the dent. Jodo`s helm had no dent.

Trust me on this..

Believe me JK3, Im trying to make My Jodo in your suit's shadow:lol: . Im still waiting on my Resin peices, so I'm keeping my self busy with little " filler projects". I have a Kellogs clone helmet on the way, and Im about to have some Chest armor on the way as of Tuesday. So I should be plenty of busy
little update*

Today I sanded down the dent, and would have painted it but I apparently forgot to buy the green :(. Today I also made a spacer for my range ear cap. My cap was too close to the helmet so my Range finder wouldn't fit. So traced a template, and cut out a peice from sintra. I glues it with 2 part epoxy and filled in the sides with the putty.

I also painted my belt I got from lionspride " Jodo Gray" Here is a pic:


What is your next project?

Perhaps some belt accessories?

I will help you out however I can. ...Just any of the other 2 Jodo`s around here...


Right now, Im working out the kinks on the helmet. The green is a little too bright so I'm gonna gonna dark wash it tommorrow. And tommorrow, Im getting ahold of Hand-schaub to get some armor
The orange is the same color as JK3's and Jodo_Kast, Krylon Pumpkin Orange. Do any of you know if this color is still in production? I went to Wal-Mart and I couldn't find any
No where else, it just weirded me out cuz Wal-Mart usually has it in abundance. I guess its sellin really well with Halloween right around the corner. It doesn't matter anyway cuz I found an almost full can sitting around the house
I finally got the much needed parts from Marrow Sun and went straight to it. I glued the range and stalk together, used a flush mount to bolt it to the side. I then glued on the cap. I Hand painted on Kill stripes and painted the dent. I couldn't find the exact color I used for the dome so the the dent area is a little off. but I "damaged" the area to make it seem appropropiate.

Well Here's the finished Product:



and Here's My next Jodo Project, Hand-Schaub armor:

Update:I made a girth today using rope from Wal-Mart and two belts.I also found my Sintra Cod that I lost when I moved.


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