Fett Shoulder/Cod Studs ....11-02-04



I should have these all out by Friday the 5th at the latest. I'm not happy with the finish- old tool- and I've been working and reworking them. Sorry for the wait.:D



Holy crap, this thread is old!:lol:

I didn't even know it was still here!

Anyway, I did some more Boba Fett/Mandalorian Fett Shoulder and Cod studs, because of numerous requests. These are the best ones so far.:D

If anyone is interested, please PM me.:)




I made a bunch of Fett shoulder/codpiece studs for those interested. They're the larger keyboard key size.

They're $16 shipped. PM or email me if interested. If you email me, please be sure to put "Fett shoulder studs" in the subject line. I've been deleting a lot of viruses lately.

Email/Paypal: Jbmobs(at)cs.com


ps- They may make a good square greeblie for your Han ROTJ blaster, too.;)


Here's how I did mine. I permanently attached the screws to the Backplate armor. That way, all I do is slip the front collar armor OVER the screws, then tighten. When I store it, they're screwed onto the backplate. For what it's worth, I don't use velcro to hold the armor pieces TOGETHER- I forgot and drew the velcro layer on the back armor UPPER area, when it would be on the LOWER. The velcro holds both pieces to the VEST and not to each other, but I cut relief in the collar velcro for the nut anyway. It works great.

These new Studs are larger than my first batch, as requested by a few members. They are about .5 x .5 x .68 , whereas the old ones were .4 x .4 x .5.
I got 4 bolts already, the ones I got from you and CHris.

I just need 2 bolts for my cod if that is OK.....

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I'm in for a set. :)
Robert E.
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Any chance of making them slightly bigger this time? While the last batch was really well made (I bought a set of them), they were just a tad small. I could give you some dimensions if you're interested.
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We just want to say that anyone who is thinking of getting these, should go for it. We bought them on the first batch and received them very quickly. They are very well made and I can assure you that you won't be disappointed. :)
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Yes, I can make these a little larger. Thanks for reminding me. While they will be wider, I'll try to make them taller- the material I work with is already extruded at .5" thick.
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You've got Paypal :D
Thanks alot for doing this run.
I Really needed these.
Robert E.
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I sent a PM.

As BobaFettish suggested these would be greater if they just a little bigger, I'll need a full set of 6 instead of just two.
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I'm super happy with my 1st set, but I would like a new set of the larger ones as well. Please add me to the list! :)
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Yes, shipping includes Canada- it's not that much more.:)

These are about 1/4 done. I'm hoping to have the bulk done by this weekend. I got a BAD cold at WalMart. I didn't even know they had free samples!:lol: I feel like crap.:p
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Hey Rodann, any room left on that list for a set of these? I love my first set BTW! :cheers
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