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Hello all,

Sandtrooper needs to go to school on all things Fett. Being a noob, I am still learning a great deal on here, but would like a place to ask questions as they occur to my feeble brain.

Background: bought finished RotJ armor earlier this year minus helmet and gauntlets. Unfortunately I realized the ESB version costume is more to my liking but have been waffling on changing since the RotJ armor was a good deal. I have finished boots plus a flight-suit on order. Have also gotten the Paterson squeegee and stirrer for the tools, flamethrower, some metal bits for the JP, stencils, and a helmet liner.

My first question is what can a noob that has no experience with an airbrush hope to accomplish with painting the armor or jetpack? I am thinking of doing level 2 so the insignia/sigils will need to be painted too if the ESB route is taken. The helmet will be left to an expert to finish. The girth belt looks doable but not sure on what color of stain is required.

Anyway that's enough for now. Thank you for reading and offering advice.


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You could always go for ROTJ SE which is a mix of both . Regarding the air brush its quite easy to pick up if you watch a few you tube videos.
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