Fett Helmet skirt/gasket template

Rich D

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Hey folks,

I've seen a couple of threads about Jango's helmet skirt thing, so I put together this template. It's scaled to fit the SgtFang Boba helmet I have, but can easily be scaled for other helmets. Two page PDF attached, with a PNG preview.




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Mike M.

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is the helmet skirt necessary? i can see me being miserable in my helmet having my fresh air flow all blocked off with that.

Rich D

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Necessary to get into the 501st? To survive in outer space? To include that detail from the screen-used helmet? I believe it's a totally optional accessory, but someone was asking about it in another thread, so here it is. :cheers



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Thank you sir!! I've been pondering on making a detachable gasket for some time but had no idea as to where to start. I've really been wanting one for bright outdoor events, and now I can have one.


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Hey guys,

Hubby wanted me to check this out for his Jango build to see if I could make it. Now I love the template and it gives me a great base to work on but looking at the picture of the one in the helmet.. that is the actual museum one right?.. I can't be sure but it looks like there are seams -between- each section. It would be logical to split them up like that so that when you're creating the casing for the cord that goes around the inner circle and folding in the seam allowances on the sides that you don't get too much puckering between each part. Which brings me to 'what material was used?' I'm guessing probably a light weight garment leather since something thicker would be a pain to fold over and as I'm discovering with my latest project.. pleather and my sewing machine don't mix too well. :wacko Okay, I guess I've rambled enough and its time to go check the local leather store. :p Just thought I'd see what you guys thought of my idea about splitting up the sections.

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yeah, light weight leather... no thicker than about 2.5 Oz... I just sold some to Chucko that was perfect for the gaskets, but I did not have time to make them :(


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I want to create one of these myself. I'm trying to wrap my brain around how the leather is folded and what kind of rope is used on the inside of the circle