Fett helmet Burlesque show commission for St. Louis Geeklesque.


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We'll first start this all off with how I'm not very bright and secretly love to procrastinate, even though it makes my heart explode. It's just not possible for me to complete something ahead of schedule, definitely need to work on that.

Anyways, a lovely lady contacted me back in May saying she was doing a Geeklesque show as the one and only Boba Fett. Some friends pointed her towards me to make her helmet which is always okay with me. This is the last helmet I'm selling until I get around to making another mold around September, it's going kaput pretty quickly. It all started out with this pull which has several spots that needed a lot of work.

I usually do this with the liquid latex method, but I wanted to try out a completely topical one this time just to experiment. I really didn't take many photos during painting because I spent most of my nights (sometimes until 6am) working on it slowly killing myself.

She needed this thing by Saturday and I finished it Thursday morning, so I really hurt myself with that Saturday delivery Fedex. I made a quick stencil with my dremel and plexiglass to give the delivery guy fair warning as to what precious cargo he was handling.

But she rocked the show last night! Here's her getup that she put together herself, I especially love the corset and gauntlets combination. Something really cool she did was recorded her opening the box and pulling the helmet out, which really brought a huge smile to my face being able to watch a happy customers reaction. No more words from me, just this picture.

And to end it all with the credit for this fun adventure. The performer is Trixie Solo: ( https://www.facebook.com/TrixieSoloBurlesque )
My own little Facebook prop page that everyone has: https://www.facebook.com/FictitiousVisions
Photo from Riverfronttimes: (Warning, a few pictures in this slide show are NOT WORK SAFE) Geeklesque Burlesque Goes Nuclear for Nerds - St. Louis - Slideshows


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Thanks guys.

Right? Most girls use the awful Hasbro one but it was pretty easy to convince her to not go that route.