Fett Costume Complete!!!

Well its complete for now. Im still missing the girth belt but have the materials on order. I doubt it will get here before halloween.

So aside from that, I got my halloween costume done just in time. There are still a couple of tweaks I want to make but that can wait till next year. 1 year and a scary amount of money and hours into the project.

Chix Digit / Canadian Fett







Buckeye 01

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Looks good bro. Just one small detail that needs to be addressed quickly. The braids and the cape need to be swapped (braids on right side, cape on left side).

Jimmy BufFETT

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Nice work there!:cheers But ya used the word "complete!" I didn't think that was an authorized word for a !!!!!!!!!!!!!!:lol:lol::lol:

Anyway, just one little detail I noticed (sorry for being picky ... just tryin' to help ya out.) I think your gloves are pre-pro style, and it looks like you are costuming as a SE ROTJ Boba Fett.
Im not too concerned about being true to one particular movie style. I like the pre pro gloves better so i went with that. But in general I actually copied the Fett from Jabbas Palace in Star Wars Galaxies and your right. No Fett is ever complete really. Im already looking to make more adjustments.