Fett Chest Slots

Tim Allen

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i measured out the dimensions from that thread max (Top slot is 1/8" tall
Bottom slot is 1/4" tall
Slots are 1/4" apart.
Slots are same length; 1 5/8" long) It doesnt look right, 1.5/8 it way to short for the length, am i wrong here?


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Thanks Max.

OK, I think I originally went with the info in the thread that Max posted the link too, but had to modify the dimensions slightly. Here is what I came up with"

Height of the top slot is between 3/16" and 1/4".
Space between the top slot and the bottom slot is between 1/4" to 5/16".
Height of the bottom slot is 5/16".
Width of both slots is 1-13/16".

These dimensions work well with my set of ShackMan lights.


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kinda sorta belongs in here, but after doing a ton of high mobility acting, i started to have trouble getting my lights (shackman) to STAY PUT...any suggestions on if soem one made a shelf system, or somehtign of that sort. I had a hols cut in my vest to accomidate the various electronic components...that helped but it slips down after a while.

a little help?

Tim Allen

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Try duck taping the actual out line of the lights to the back of the chest armor and and maybe some velcro on the back of the lights that attach to the vest...so its connected in 2 ways, (armor to lights,lights to vest)


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Mine are just taped on as well. I used gaffer's tape, but duct tape should work just as well. I debated on hot gluing them in, but the contour of the armor would only allow four small beads.