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Hey guys. Lots of info coming out in the last few days.... here is a little more. We received some amazing info over a year ago from Mark Harris, the coordinator of the supertrooper project which includes a list of the suppliers of many of Fett's parts, including found parts! I was asked not to post the actual sheets but told I could post the info contained on them. There is a lot to be gleaned from this info so get to work! I have made an effort to copy this over as it was on the sheets, with the page breaks as they appear. A number of found parts have already been obtained using this list. Now is your turn!

Star Wars “The Empire Strikes Back”
Please reply to:
Helmet – Arch Motor and Mfg. Co. Ltd.
Aluminum Section
L/H side, R/H side – Elstree Precision Co. Ltd.
Arm – Brian Archer
Base – Brian Archer
Glass fibre end section – Brian Archer
Perspex lens block – Brian Archer
Glass lens – Brunnings/Polaroid
3 lamps – white – Nick Allder
2 lamps – red – Nick Allder
Computer/wiring/switch – Nick Allder
2 dentist drills – Brian Archer
1 dental “greebly” – Brian Archer
Smoked perspex visor – Brian Archer
Chin strap - Purchased
Helmet painted white - Signwriter
sign on front – Signwriter


Star Wars “The Empire Strikes Back”
Please reply to:
Forearm L/H SIDE:
Calculator panel (Casion MQ-1) – Brian Archer
Laser – Elstree Precision
Gas gun – Nick Allder
Gas gun casing - Norank
Dental press switch - Purchased
Forearm R/H SIDE
Gas lighter - Purchased
2 small switches – Nick Allder
2 jack plugs – Nick Allder
6 Dental drills - Purchased
Torch - Purchased
1 Photographic print squeegee - Brunnings
1 Film Agitator - Brunnings
1 Scapal holder - Purchased
8’ of 8mm X14mm clear plastic pipe (latis line) - Purchased
1 plug block – George Block


Star Wars “The Empire Strikes Back”
Please reply to:
Belt – Berman and Nathan
Boots – Berman and Nathan
Bonnet – Berman and Nathan
Gloves – Berman and Nathan
Gaitors – Berman and Nathan
Suit – Berman and Nathan
Jacket – Berman and Nathan


Star Wars “The Empire Strikes Back”
Please reply to:
Automatic blaster
Main body glass fibre – George Block
Turnings - Mitchells
Aluminum plate – Brian Archer
2 Dental “greeblies” - Purchased
Part of Casio MQ-1 calculator - Purchased
Markings - Signwriter
Camera rifle grip - Brunnings
Housing glass fibre – George Block
Telescope - Brunnings
2 Turnings - Mitchells
Buttons – Mitchells


Star Wars “The Empire Strikes Back”
Please reply to:
SUPERTROOPER (List of suppliers)
Arch Motor Mfg. Co. Ltd.,
Redwongs Way,
Huntingdon Trading Estate,
Cambs, PE18 7HD.

Geroge Block,
E.M.I. Studios,

Brunnings, (Hoborn) Ltd.,
133 High Holborn,
London WC1.

Berman and Nathan Ltd.,
40 Camden Street,
London NW1 00X.

Elstree Precision Co. Ltd.,
26 Theobald Street,

Theobald Street,

Norank Engineering Co. Ltd.,
E.M.I. Elstree Studios,


Star Wars “The Empire Strikes Back”
Please reply to:
SUIT No 1.
Complete and in U.S.A.
N.B. Gas-gun to be replaced due to modifications by SFX Dept.
SUITS No 2 and 3.
Complete and in U.S.A. Exept:-
BACKPACKS and BELTS – ready for shipment to U.S.A.
HELMETS – awaiting delivery from Bob Dickinson, SFX Dept. at Shepperton.
GAS-GUNS – gun for suit No 2, at Shepperton
Gun for suit No 3, expected delivery date from SFX Dept. 16th Oct
SUIT No 4.
Incomplete: Items outstanding are:-
HELMET (with rangefinder) and COMPUTER READ-OUT – work is in progress (Bob Dickinson, SFX Dept.) at Shepperton.
BACKPACK – awaiting arrival from SFX Dept. Shepperton – Expected delivery date: 6th Oct. (Friday).
GAS-GUN – work is expected to begin, 16th Oct. (approx) at SFX Dept. Shepperton
SUIT No 5.
Incomplete: Items outstanding are:-
Work will being on these when suit No4 is complete, SFX Dept. Shepperton.
SUIT No 6.
As suit No 5 exept:-
HELMET – painted greay and sent to U.S.A.
Supertrooper Liason.


Star Wars “The Empire Strikes Back”
Please reply to:
STATUS REPORT 26th Oct. ’78.
SUIT No 1.
Complete and in U.S.A.
SUIT No 2.
Complete and in U.S.A. Exept:-
RIGHT FOREARM SLEEVE – markings to be applied by signwriter
SUIT No 3.
Complete and in U.S.A. Exept:-
RIGHT FOREARM SLEEVE – marking to be applied by signwriter
GAS-GUN – SFX Dept. (now at E.M.I.)
SUITS No 4, 5 and 6.
RIGHT FOREARM SLEEVE – marking to be applied by signwriter
GAS-GUN – SFX Dept. E.M.I.
Supertrooper Liason
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I am so very very happy to see this stuff shared! I've always gotten the impression that some people derive a sense of importance or status from hoarding stuff like this.

The first thing I love is seeing "smoked perspex visor" for the ESB helmet. Webchief and I were just talking about that on Tuesday night.

Dental drills... scalpel holders... gas guns... so much stuff!


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Ok quick question. Once the sale of these pics are said & done will they readily be available to us maybe via the Ref CD?
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That's so cool, I was born near Borehamwood, England in a town Called Barnet, Herts. my Father owned a machine shop around 1969-1986, I wonder if he new of anyone making parts for SW around that time??? I'll have to ask him. great stuff Art, thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for posting this Brak's! Loads of good info! I think it's pretty cool seeing this as well as the "identifying" of 6 suits! Great stuff! So, if this is all about the supertrooper, where all 6 white when they arrived in the US or had the decision to paint it happened before this time but they were still using the name supertrooper? I'm also interested in knowing where you guys get your contacts to these people who supply this kind of info to you.

Great stuff, I can see lots of great things on the horizon for Boba Fett costuming!


This is IMO a great happening here on the TDH and in the spirit of progress not regress - thank you so very much! I almost want to quote Neil Armstrong..! :cheers


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Brak's thanks for posting all of this. I hope that this thread will stick around and not get pulled due to arguing. I really appreciate informative threads such as this.


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Cool stuff Brak's. Thanks for posting the info. (y)

After this post and the PP# pics I'm starting to think I may need to change the green visor in my ESB bucket. :lol:


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According to one of their ads, Arch Motor Mfg. Co. Ltd. are the "sole manufacturers of Lotus & caterham Seven chassis for over forty-five years".

The Lotus Seven was sold between 1957 and 1973 - which is when they sold the plans to Caterham Cars, who continued manufacturing and still sell them today.

Though it's possible the producers may have contracted Arch Motor Mfg to fabricated some sheet metal parts, it would also be worthwhile looking at Lotus Seven (AKA: Lotus7) and Caterham Seven parts, as an unidentified part may turn up there.


Update [2014-08-26]: The Lotus/Caterham 7 also used fiberglass parts (at least for the radiator cover/grill cowling and fenders). This was long before any other car manufacturer, so I expect they contracted Arch Motor Mfg to make the fiberglass helmets from the master.
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There's a photo of Brian Archer working on the Supertrooper helmet on page 149 of The Making of The Empire Strikes Back. Five of the white Supertrooper helmets are visible, the one he's working on and four in the background. It looks like he's installing the rangefinder.


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Out of intrest, what does writing on right forearm by sign writer refer too?