Fett accessories


As I come closer to completeing my Fett ROTJ I find I need to upgrade a few things . The bucket ( and I'm no expert ) I think is a mystery .... at least it is to me. The whole range finder appears to be wood ... the stock is for sure . Where can I find a good resin range finder? Or should I go with a aluminum arm and a resin range finder? Also I have a Ruffkin gaunt kit , I am getting ready to prep, modify and paint the kit but i think I might want to find a REAL key pad ( even though I cleaned up the resin one ) to replace the Ruffkin version. Anyone know where this can be found ? I will post a pic or 2 of my helmet and maybe you pros can tell me what version I have . First I need to figure out how to attach pics ....HELP !!

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