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Discussion in 'Expanded Universe Bounty Hunters' started by BPonist, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. BPonist

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    I have a thread for this over on the Mandalorian Mercs forum as well but since I am active here on the Dented Helmet and plan on purchasing some parts from users here to update my kit, I thought that I would share what I have so far. My thought process was that since Fenn Shysa is a Mandalorian Protector, that he should have an armor/kit color scheme that is similar to Boba Fett's. For this reason, I did not paint my kit identical to the comic book version of Fenn with the orange/yellow stripe on his helmet and the blue on the gauntlets as Fett also appears with similar colors but looks different in his OT appearances. This is also why I went away from the green flight suit and opted to go with a 'unique, tan instead of the light grey/blue ones Boba has in the OT. I wanted to make a more realistic/ 'screen accurate' version of Fenn that would blend in better within the true Star Wars universe which is why I chose the path that I have. I am also adding in some details of the Mythos Fett statue with the addition of a brown poncho and a gunslinger type western belt with saber trophies as Fenn generally does not carry a sidearm in the comics and instead uses mostly gauntlet mounted blasters to get the job done. I also made the side mounted rocket pack that Fenn and Tobi wear in certain scenes. Since these pictures were taken I have also dyed the girth belt red and I am currently still working on the jet pack harness system but free time is hard to come by currently.

    If you also want to peruse my entire build process you can check it out here: Fenn Shysa WIP: Myhtos Shysa Update Pg. 6!

    Here are some pictures of Fenn from the comics that I used as references:


    Side Mounted Rocket pack reference photo (I also used the left gauntlet set up from this picture as a base for my own):

    Side Mounted Rocket pack:


    Cape/Poncho trial run with an old curtain:

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  2. Mullreel

    Mullreel Well-Known Member

    I like the idea and the overall look of the kit. I think you are doing well so far.

    My only suggestion is more weathering on the soft parts.
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  3. BPonist

    BPonist New Member

    More weathering of the soft parts is certainly in the works! I am currently in the process of making the thigh pouches for the flight suit and wanted to make sure the soft part weathering was even all around once those got added.
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  4. BPonist

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    I do not know how many people will see this but quick question. I have an NME props Mercenary helmet and I am looking to potentially upgrade my bucket with a hollow aluminum stalk, servo and lights for the range finder to give my kit that extra needed something.

    Does anyone know if it is possible to remove the outside ear cap that encases the RF stalk and know if the Bobamaker hollow stalks fit? And/or point me in the best direction for said parts?
    As far as I can tell from the forums Fettinator sells the servo and light kits and Terminal Fettler sells the RF toppers and stalks that fit Fettinator's electronics set up?
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  5. Mullreel

    Mullreel Well-Known Member

    I had a mercenary helmet way back in the day when they first started up. I really don't remember exactly how the ear was designed. Post a pic and the forum can probably help you out.
  6. BPonist

    BPonist New Member

    Good news! I figured it out. I took a small Philips head screw driver and a hammer to it and the ear cap cover popped off super easily. Now to await the arrival of the new goods while finishing up everything else.
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  7. Nassik

    Nassik New Member

    I like your unique take on this character. The colors work particularly well.
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  8. BPonist

    BPonist New Member

    Thanks Nassik! It has been a slow process but fun to work on. I have been updating my gauntlet blasters to better fit the look from the comics and hope to have those finished this weekend.
  9. BPonist

    BPonist New Member

    Revamped gauntlets. Figured I would add some dart launches to mimic Fett some as Fenn's gauntlets are a little lacking in weaponry compared to Fett


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  10. BPonist

    BPonist New Member

    New and improved weathering!

    At the Chicago Fan Fest with the Winter Soldier

  11. Snappy

    Snappy Jr Member

    Looks great! The details you added fit perfectly and really bring it to life.
  12. BPonist

    BPonist New Member

    Thanks Snappy! I really did not like the green on green from the comics. It looks tacky to me and since Boba appeared the same but looks different in the movies I figured changing it up a little from the comic look would be ok.
  13. BPonist

    BPonist New Member

    A few more updates of the kit. Added some more weathering and finally got the jetpack troopable. The cape/poncho deal is still a WIP... struggling to make it look as good as I want it to


  14. WhyItMatterz

    WhyItMatterz Member

    You look great man! Awesome job on the weathering.
  15. deathxcircle

    deathxcircle Member

    I really like your build. I think the only thing that bugs me is the boots weathering not color matching the rest of the costume, but that's just my graphic design/color theory OCD going off. Haha.
  16. BPonist

    BPonist New Member

    Thanks vode!! As for the boots weathering, do you mean the boots themselves not being weathered enough or the ankle spats? ha
  17. deathxcircle

    deathxcircle Member

    The weathering all around looks great to me. I was meaning the classic Boba boot color doesn't seem to fit the overall color scheme of the costume. It is sharply contrast and stands out. I'll do a little photo editing this afternoon and see if I can come up with something.
  18. BPonist

    BPonist New Member

    Thanks! I feel like the weathering is a never ending project ha and makes sense! I didn't alter the color at all as I was going with the impression that certain aspects of the Mandalorian Protectors kits would be standardized. However, I am looking forward to what you might come up with
  19. deathxcircle

    deathxcircle Member

    I was tinkering around with one of your images this morning. Keep in mind, it's rough and it won't look as good as what you could achieve with paint and weathering, but I sampled a couple of colors from your cloak as well as your flight suit to give you an idea of where I was going in my previous post. You may find that keeping to the earthy tones of the overall colors of your costume makes the boots and gloves blend together with everything better.

    Just my opinion though, I think your costume looks great all the same!

    Fenn Color.jpg
  20. BPonist

    BPonist New Member

    Thanks and I see what you are saying. If anything, I think I would change up the gloves to better fit with the color of the flightsuit/ other soft parts as Boba Fett's gloves are more fluid with the over all coloring. I have actually been debating on doing that but I think I will keep the boots the grey color for more of a standard issue uniform feel.
  21. BPonist

    BPonist New Member

    Here is a shot of my kit I stumbled across on the internet from Indy PopCon 2017

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  22. hvacdon

    hvacdon Member

    Looks Good !!
  23. BPonist

    BPonist New Member

    Thank you!! It has been a slow but fun process
  24. BPonist

    BPonist New Member

    Here are some updated shots of my Mythos Fenn Shysa


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  25. ToEleven

    ToEleven Member

    Thanks for sharing. I'm really loving this.
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