Family Guy "Blue Harvest" out on DVD!!


Sr Hunter
I just picked up the Collectors box set this morning. It's got all kinds of groovy stuff. :lol: It comes with a T-shirt, a set of 12 "Topps" trading cards showing scenes from the episodes, a booklet of concept/storyboard art, and a pair of 3-D glasses.
Don't have time to watch now, but I'll be checking out the DVD later tonight to see what kind of extras are included. :)


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i saw on the apple keynote today that the blue harvest DVD is one of / the first DVD to include an iPod ready version on disk - no ripping / re-encoding required.

for that alone i'm going to pick it up :)


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I picked it up right after work this morning ;) Some of the special features are:

McFarlane "interviews" GL
Scenes through the seasons with SW gags
Special 3D fight sequence...hence 3D glasses
A short "Making Of" video

All in all, a great set especially if your a Family Guy fan. I thought there was going to be something on there about the ESB show, but I guess because of the writer's strike, they couldn't show it....just guessing.


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"I'm Han Solo, captain of the Millennium Falcon, and the only actor who's career won't be ruined by this film":lol:lol::lol:


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:lol: Even Imperials and Bounty Hunters can't resist the hilarity of Family Guy!

I watched it again yesterday. . . just too many little jokes to catch with one viewing.
Has anyone watched the 3-D TIE Fighter battle? It was kinda cool, but it looked pretty fuzzy to me.


Jr Hunter
There is actually a little ESB, in the extras you see a shot with a meeting and you can hear Seth and Seth (Han Solo and Luke chars) reherse lines from ESB and some third guy saying something.

I read on Wikipedia (I think it was) that the ESB episode should be done now in Jan. Can't wait, finally Fett! (hope it's not the same kind of Fett as the Robot Chicken episode though :p)

Check out on and see the vid about "Vader's dinner" in Cloud City. Funny. :)
Did anyone else notice the little changes from the televised version to the DVD?

Like adding in the scene with Biggs in the hangar and not bleeping R2's F-bomb.