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I'm looking to do a custom Mandalorian and was wondering if anyone here had a "coloring book" image of Boba or Jango - basically, B&W line art - that I could "fill" with colors using MS Paint.

I tried Google Image search and couldn't find an image that gave me the full costume.

Little help?



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A few months ago I made a vector drawing of Boba fett in Flash which I've used for loads of things , from my avatar, signature and my xmas e-card to paint scheme concepts for my bucket and even a little flash animation Im working on.

Anyway, Ive saved a high res blank colour version for you to use as a colour guide. Its not ideal for your purpose because its a cartoon image but it'l give you some idea I hope. Sorry I only have a front view (I just didn't have the energy to draw the other angles) but I do have left and right side views of the helmet I could upload for you.

Good luck with your project.

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Yes, that's pretty much the idea of what I was looking for. Thanks for passing it on. I was able to resize the head to match the body to get exactly what I wanted.

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