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Discussion in 'Boba Fett Costume' started by Evan1701, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. Evan1701

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    I can't wait man. It's sooooo close!
  2. Evan1701

    Evan1701 Member

    Got the boots on Friday thanks to Christian AKA Man of War, who sent me a spare pair so I could get approved and troop the Red Sox game on the 28th. They are 12.5s and I ordered 13s, but they might fit well enough for me to keep them and cancel my 13s.


    Based on advice from the always wonderful Darth Voorhees, I epoxied two pins (the same ones I used for attaching my armor to the flak vest) to keep the spikes in place. Then I had my wife help me screw the spikes in, and voila!




    After that, I put the snap on the built-in strap for the holster. I realized I needed large rivets for the separate strap that holds the holster to the ammo belt, so I ordered those and I'll be installing them later this week.

    One issue I ran into was that one of the snaps didn't have a long enough post to get all the way through the rubber, unlike the one for the built-in strap. To get around it, rather than epoxying it in (which I think it would've popped out eventually), I cut off a screw and screwed the snap down to the holster. For good measure, I put a piece of tape on the backside so it wouldn't scratch my sidearm. Kind of ghetto, but hey, it works!


    I'll be working this week and this weekend at my armor party to: finish my sidearm holster, weather and "stiffen" the pouches, weather the flightsuit, put some foam in the right gaunt so it fits better, attach the tube to the left gaunt and the flight suit, strap up the girth belt, rivet the last straps (for mounting the jetpack) to the harness, mount FMF's harness mounting clips to the jetpack, cut holes in the flak vest for the harness, and mount the chest lights and red acrylic to the chest piece. After that I should be ready to submit my approval pics!!! Stay tuned!
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    Looks great!
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  4. Evan1701

    Evan1701 Member

    Today was the day. Holy crap. I hosted an armor party at my house, and I told everyone that they weren't allowed to leave until after I had submitted my approval pictures. Well, it got to about 5:30 and most everyone left, but a couple folks stayed behind and helped me get suited up. The jetpack harness ended up being the biggest pain, just be aware, that thing needs to be bent big time to get it to fit right. We got it to work, after I had gotten suited up from the waist down and stood there for an hour!

    But then we have the final result... oh boy. I only really noticed one thing out of whack after these pics were taken, my gauntlet tube looks like it's going underneath my shoulder bell, but that's because my flightsuit got all bunched up when I was putting the flak vest on. Trial and error I supposed.














    The next time I see y'all, I hope to be BH-81989 :D
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  5. Darth Voorhees

    Darth Voorhees Well-Known Member

    Great work man! Good luck..Bounty Hunter!
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  6. tterrell

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    and ... Boba Fett Soundboard - Soundboard.com
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  7. DeathJedi

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    Jason Wingreen for the win!!
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  8. Chris4321

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    Hey Evan, Congrats on the first suit up! A couple things I would work on is shortening the cape length, it usually ends right at about the knee. Also, your girth belt seems to be small? Or maybe it just needed to be tightened down more. Lastly, your flightsuit looks somewhat baggy in the legs and arms. I have a similar issue (legs mostly) what I do, is I put my spats,shin tools, knee armor on. Then I do the cod and kidney...at this point I bring up excess flightsuit over the cod and put the girth belt on. Once thats done, I put my ammo belt on and you aren't able to see the excess that I pulled up. Though, I am an SE fett and have 14 pouches around me ;). For the arms, after I put the flak on I have whoever is suiting me up literally pull on my sleeves to get any bunching out. After I put my gloves around the excess flight-suit and Velcro them as tight as possible, then my gauntlets go over it.
  9. Evan1701

    Evan1701 Member

    Thanks Chris! It was my first suit up so I definitely need to work on how it all goes together to get the best look.

    The girth belt I'm pretty sure only comes in one size, and I'm a bit wide in the belly, so not much I can do there other than keep trying to lose weight :lol: we had the straps cinched about as tight as we could get em. I could get it tighter if I were to cinch it up behind my back and not over the kidney plate, but the CRL model has it cinched over the kidney plate, so that's what I did!

    I hung my cape from the very corner, I'm actually not sure if that's how you're supposed to attach it but it seemed right? It might be wrong. I'm about 6'1" so I feel like I shouldn't need to shorten the cape. Do you have any suggestions for mounting it? Now that I think about it the lip of the cape where I attached it kept flipping up a little and looked weird so maybe I don't have it on there right.
  10. Chris4321

    Chris4321 Jr Member

    I had the same issue with the original girth belt I bought, so I ended up going with woodmans girth belt, and he was able to make it for my size. For the cape, that is what my understanding is also, Mine is too from the very corner where I put a ring nut in. I would think it was flipping up due to the weight of the cape when it gets stitched down with the studs...Maybe you have to adjust a bit more to go in the corner so it doesn't flip?
  11. Evan1701

    Evan1701 Member

    Yeah, I need to play around with it. It's crazy how many adjustments you need to make after wearing it for the first time! Thankfully they are all just to make it easier to wear while trooping and for everything to look crisp, and (hopefully) not deal breakers for getting approved. I need to be approved in 2 weeks for our first big troop of the year, and our GML will have to send my pics to the detachment so it won't be as quick a turnaround as it typically is with him.
  12. Evan1701

    Evan1701 Member

    My approval pics have been sent off by my GML to the BHG detachment leadership. Sooooo nervous. I know I did everything as accurately as I could manage, and I followed the CRL pretty much to a tee (in some cases I am actually at Infamous, maybe half or 2/3). Still, it's nerve wracking! Especially since I've been able to look back at the pics my wife took and notice a couple things I want to change, mostly the flightsuit issues I had that Chris mentioned, and maybe move my shoulder bells up a little, cinch my girth belt up a little more, pad my helmet so it sits higher on my head and lets you see the neck seal a little more (darn you Jeremy Bulloch you giraffe with your long neck).

    I should have an update in the next couple days :D
  13. Evan1701

    Evan1701 Member

    I didn't get approved, I have to make the following changes-

    1. Girth belt straps are too long- I can't correct this since I can't lose 40 pounds overnight. I'm hoping my GML makes an exception here.
    2. Move my wookie braids and shoulder armor closer to the collar- I had already planned to do this, so this shouldn't be too tough.
    3. My MoW gloves aren't accurate. I already have a pair of Mike M. gloves on order so I'm hoping my GML will make an exception here as well.
    4. Re-paint the beacon top, it is sort of a smoke gray/dirty silver color right now and should be brass. Should be easy to do with my gold Humbrol paint.
    5. Weather the flak vest and send detailed photos of it. Pretty easy fix.
    6. Send detailed measurements of my cape, they think it is too long.
    7. Send detail shots of my sidearm, rifle, and right side of right gaunt.
    8. Move pouches close towards the center.

    As long as I can get away with the two items I can't change for the time being, the rest of the changes should be easy to do in one night. I'm hoping my MoW cape is the correct measurements, I haven't measured it but I have no idea how to re-size the cape since it is already tattered and weathered.
  14. Chris4321

    Chris4321 Jr Member

    Hey Evan

    Sorry to hear that you didn’t get approved. I highly suggest taking to woodman and seeing what he can do for a new girth belt and get one that will fit properly.
  15. Evan1701

    Evan1701 Member

    Do you know if a Woodman girth belt has to be dyed? I'm not even sure what girth belt I have tbh, I bought it secondhand with my flightsuit, flak vest, and neck seal. I'm hoping I can still get approved with the one I have and then upgrade ASAP, because I've been working every single day for nine months to get approved specifically so I can troop at our bi-annual Salem Red Sox game troop on the 28th. Beyond being my favorite, it was also one of our squadmate's favorite troops (Ryan Hubbard TK-91185), and he is the one who helped convince me to take the final leap to do Fett. He passed away just a few weeks after the last one in August, so this upcoming troop has a lot of meaning for me and for the rest of our squad.

    Not to get sappy or anything... :)
  16. Chris4321

    Chris4321 Jr Member

    It comes ready to go
  17. Evan1701

    Evan1701 Member

    Awesome. I'll see if I can grab one from him :D I have some of his wookie braids and they are fantastic. They shed like crazy though...
  18. Evan1701

    Evan1701 Member

    Alright Fett-heads. Did some upgrades tonight.

    1. Altered how cape hangs so it doesn't hang past my knee. It is a little larger than 31" x 31" but I think if it were any shorter it'd be too short.



    For reference


    I'd say that just about does it.

    2. Threw down some weathering on the flak vest



    3. Corrected the locations for the braids and shoulder bells




    (hey look that's why my girth belt doesn't fit :lol::lol::lol:)

    4. Repainted the jetpack beacon top per the CRL


    I must say, I'm looking better already. :D My Mike M. gloves should be in in a few weeks, and I've hit up woodman to chat about getting a girth belt for the... well... girthy-er among us. At that point I'm pretty much ready for Infamous! ... not... :p
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  19. hvacdon

    hvacdon Member

    Looking Good Evan !!
  20. Ghost_Fett

    Ghost_Fett Member

    Things are looking nice. Sorry you didn’t get approved first try but that’s not uncommon so no discouragement. Couple things I’ll add that haven’t been talked about much, if you are having issues with the MOW cape I highly recommend the woodman cape. It’s smaller and I actually favor the look over MOW due to the fabric but that’s a preference thing. I have both capes and the MOW is too long while the woodman is perfect.

    Your chest plates might look a little nicer if you clean up the lines there. Push the plates together a little more and make sure all the gaps are either exact equal distance or match reference photos where the armor actually touches. I’ll include a photo. It really tightens up the chest and makes things look nicer. Otherwise you are a breath away and Fett is never done anyway. Adjustments for life. :)

  21. DeathJedi

    DeathJedi Member

    Keep up the good work and like stated above, don't get too discouraged. When I submitted mine, I also had the same issue with the black straps for the girth belt. I sent a bunch of pics of it attached, unattached with the black straps I used, and some that were sized more movie accurate, showing that there was no way I could squeeze my fat behind in it that way. My GML made an exception in this case, because aside from losing 40 lbs, there was literally nothing else I could do. I wish you luck with the same.
  22. Evan1701

    Evan1701 Member

    I have screwed around with those chest plates so much! Haha. I feel like I can never get them lined up right no matter what I do. Since I did the pin back method, they are pretty easy to move. I plan on doing some "comfort work" this weekend and I may have to add moving those around again to the docket.
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  23. Ghost_Fett

    Ghost_Fett Member

    I did pin back as well and boy and am I glad. I moved my chest plates so many times. Once I got it perfect though I haven’t had to touch it since bar fooling with the chest lights.
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  24. Evan1701

    Evan1701 Member

    My approval has been rejected again until I get my new gloves in. I wish someone would have told me that MoW gloves were not approvable. Does any one know if there is any way to lighten the MoW gloves up any? Soak them in bleach? :p
  25. deathxcircle

    deathxcircle Member

    I never realized that either. At least you have a backup pair of gloves to wear for after your approval goes through.

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