Etsy, Kripton Top for items?


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Some items look okay. It’s really up to you and your painting to make it 501st compliant. But some things like the jetpack harness and resin parts I would highly avoid. The hard parts look okay, good for a budget!


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they screwed me and a ton of other biker scouts in the past. May have gotten better but I could never in good faith recommend them to anyone. Were the first and ,for a long time , only vendor on the bad vendor list on their boards.


I have had no dealings with this vendor. Vendor also goes by cucblack and possibly one other name. Have seen mixed reviews here and on bhg. Based on that I would probably say don’t risk it. Also I have burnt a few times myself (different vendor) and that has taught me to be very cautious.


Like I said...research. It will save you time and money.

Yea I'm gonna go that route for sure based on what you guys have said. I feel like the site used to be easier to find vendors back when I was on a few years ago. I have no idea who sells what anymore aside from bobamaker and arkady, and some stuff from man of war studios. I'll have to dig into the forums. Thanks again!